Snow Removal Equipment

In the winter months, residents throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey rely on snowplows to clear the roads. If a plow goes down, it could seriously impact a community and make roadways too unsafe to navigate. Here at B&D Exhaust Warehouse, we do not only specialize in exhaust systems and parts, but we also specialize in plow products and services that cater to the needs of snowplow companies.

Having one truck down could really affect your reputation and your profits. That's why we have new snow removal equipment stocked in our warehouse, just waiting to be installed in your current vehicle. When you visit us, we'll inspect your current equipment and then recommend the best service to keep your vehicle up and running.

With our quick latch mounting and fast service capabilities, we have become a leader in snow removal equipment sales. We sell Meyer and Boss products and distribute Air-Flo plows and parts across three state lines.
Snow Plow-Binghamton, NY-B and D Exhaust
If you are in need of new stainless steel blades that won't wear easily or you need your current equipment repaired, call us today. Plow issues do not have to end your day or your week. Contact our friendly technicians and discuss how you can get your machines up and running again. If you do decide a new plow is in your price range, trust us for fast installation and you can start clearing the roadways.