Muffler & Exhaust System

If you are looking for fast exhaust system installations or high-quality IMCO exhaust parts, let us be your source for mufflers and exhaust system repair and retail products. For almost a quarter-century, we have offered a wide range of exhaust and muffler products to retail consumers and other repair shops located throughout Broom County, the Metro Area, Southern New York and Northeast Pennsylvania.

We have a warehouse full of everything from Flow-pro systems and Flowmaster systems to Magnaflow and Cherry Bomb exhaust systems. If you are looking for someone with extensive knowledge regarding exhaust systems, you can trust that our employees will point you in the right direction.

Since we know that good pricing is one of the most important priorities, we offer extremely competitive price points for parts within our warehouse. This is why hundreds of shops turn to us throughout five different states when buying mufflers and 3-inch, 4-inch and 5-inch performance exhaust systems.

While we are a respected retailer in parts, we do far more than just that. We don't just sell the top-name products; we also install them. We know just how much you love your car, and we guarantee that we will install your muffler, catalytic converters and other high-flow products right the first time. This is why clients who want custom systems come to us.
Auto Repair-Binghamton, NY-B and D Exhaust
magnaflow system - Binghamton, NY-B and D Exhaust
cherry bomb system - Binghamton, NY-B and D Exhaust
If you need piping, pipe bending repairs, hanger repair, seal replacement, catalytic converter replacement or a new exhaust tip installation, we can help you save you money in the process. We create the best solutions for classic cars, hot rods, racecars and farm machinery. Let us determine the problem when you are in need of exhaust repairs or a replacement, and you will leave our shop with your car running smoothly.